Building the future of smart buying.

Sibi simplifies the process of building and improving a property by connecting manufacturers, contractors, and homeowners directly on one platform.

Isometric 3d view of the Sibi Gilbert Office.

Our values

Sibi Value - Get shit done

Get shit done

We follow through and are always looking for new opportunities to grow.
Sibi value - Exceed expectations

Exceed expectations

We exceed expectations with humility, respect and transparency.
Sibi value - Collaboration with positivity

Positive collaboration

We create value by treating each other with trust, respect and helping each other with  our collective strengths.
Sibi value - Radical candor

Radical candor

Improving starts with listening. Feedback — both internal and external — is vital to everything we do.
Sibi value - Celebrate success

Celebrate success

We recognize and appreciate each other's contributions to our team.

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