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API Use Cases

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Streamlined Replacements

Here’s how companies are using Sibi’s API powers to automate and streamline their workflows.

Tenant reports an issue

A Tenant reports an issue with their dishwasher and after a diagnostic you determine the appliance needs to be replaced.

Recommended product replacement

Within minutes, an appropriate product replacement along with a full service install is tee'd up and ready to go after a quick review.

Products API

Order Review API

Complete the order

Schedule your order and installation and you're off to the races! Receive real-time updates on your Order, and when the Job is done, receive an itemized Invoice. You close out the Job and rest easy knowing you just saved days of review, coordination, and headache.

Ordering API

Order Updates Webhook

Invoices Webhook

Home Builder
Bulk Ordering

Here’s how homebuilders are integrating Sibi’s APIs into their workflows to automate the homebuilding ordering process.

Bulk Order Placement

Imagine you need to furnish all your upcoming home builds with kitchen sets. You place an order across multiple properties for the same set of kitchen appliances.

Products API

Order Review API

Order Management

With Sibi's order updates webhook, you'll know exactly when your appliances will ship and arrive. We'll keep you updated about any schedule changes or delays. It's easy to track every step, from delivery to installation.

Order Updates Webhook

Consolidated Invoicing & Project Status

Upon the completion of installations in each home, your integration with Sibi consolidates all the details, providing a clear breakdown of costs for appliances and installation services and a job well done.

Invoices API

Power your Business
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Seamless integration for enhanced efficiency

Products API

Simplify the process of finding the right product replacements. Ideal for scenarios like swiftly identifying a full-service install replacement, this API is about efficiency and precision in product selection.

Order Review API

Our Order Review API makes reviewing and approving orders straightforward and fast. Manage bulk orders with ease, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in every transaction.

Ordering API

Revolutionize your ordering process. Place orders directly within your system, and let our API seamlessly handle transactions with manufacturers.

Order Updates Webhook

Keep up with your orders effortlessly. Enhance your team’s efficiency and communication with integrated status notifications.

Invoices API & Webhook

Visibility and control over your finances. Our Invoice API integrates your invoicing directly with Sibi, streamlining reconciliation and preventing credit issues.