Streamline hotel supply chain.

Seamless procurement and asset management for hospitality efficiency.

Abstract modernist hotel architecture illustration with vibrant geometric shapes in red, yellow, blue, and beige, layered to create a multidimensional scene. Features green plants and set against a soft pink and red background with a large yellow sun, conveying a warm, sunny environment.
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Sibi for Hospitality

Revolutionize the purchase process for your hotels

Drive cost savings and improve your guests experiences.

Centralized buying

Order everything you need for your hotel in one platform—appliances, air conditioners, flooring, countertops, paint, and more—at competitive, transparent prices.

Search interface with a highlighted search bar and three product cards displaying a carrier heat pump, a ge french door refrigerator, and msi flooring.
User interface for an asset management system displaying the 'Assets' tab. The screen includes a navigation bar with options like Home, Store, Properties, Orders, and Assets, with Assets currently selected. Below, there are filters for hotel names and asset types. The list shows various assets such as heat pumps, microwaves, and dishwashers, each with details like type, model, location, room number, serial number, and asset age. Designed for efficient tracking and management of assets across properties.

Property-specific asset management

Manage your hotel assets with our dashboard that provides visibility and control over your inventory across all properties.

Reliable contractor network

Quickly address maintenance issues and installs with access to Sibi’s network of skilled contractors.

An illustration displaying a flooring installer with upcoming install date and images of wood flooring materials. Below, buttons link to 'View order' and images of three hotel rooms (Room #117, #118, and #119) each showing the flooring materials being installed. Designed for tracking installations in hotel rooms.