Technical Interviews that Spark Joy
Olu Ayandosu

The traditional technical interview process is broken. Interviews are often a source of undue anxiety for software engineers. I’ve personally experienced this, and interviewing still gives me sweaty palms.

Sibi is on a mission to challenge the status quo, and our technical interview process is top of mind. Honing a process to find and retain the right people is a priority because everything else pales in comparison.

Our Principles

No Whiteboard Interviews

No 👏 no 👏 no 👏! The technical portion of our interview consists of solving a real problem from our codebase with one of our engineers. You and a teammate — with the inside scoop — pair to solve a real problem together. We believe engineering is a team sport dependent not only on coding abilities but also effective communication and problem-solving skills.

No Surprises, No Gotchas

Our process mirrors how we work, for real. Far too often, when joining a new company, there’s a big reveal. Some important aspect of the work, the people, or the culture ends up being a surprise. We double down on complete transparency to remove the unknown starting at day one.

Having Candid Conversations

We are looking for signals to tell if the candidate will be an excellent future teammate. We lean heavily into discussions that touch on previous experiences and values. When done right, they add clarity to our signals.

Our Process

Step 1: Screening

We begin with a preliminary screening call with a member of the engineering team. This offers our team a chance to start learning about you while also opening the door for a candid conversation between two peers about our company, team, and role.

Step 2: Technical Skills

Working with an engineer on the team, you will pair on a bug or feature straight from Sibi’s codebase. We will collaborate using tools we use daily, share context and problem-solve. We are looking to learn about your communication and technical skills while giving you a front-row seat to how we work, our tools, and codebase.

Step 3: Meet the Team

People make or break your experience on teams, so we give you a firsthand look at life at Sibi. You’ll come in for an on-site or virtual interview to meet with different team members across business, design, product, and engineering. Our culture is something that sets Sibi apart, and you should experience it firsthand.

We Learn

The most important element of our process is that it’s constantly evolving. Sibi strives for continuous improvement, so we adapt based on feedback from previous applicants and our teammates. Rest assured, those three principles act as a foundation for the changes we make.

P.S. We are currently hiring for a number of roles. You should apply!