Revolutionizing Paint Procurement: Meet Brittany Portillo
Laura Cooper

Since 2017, the partnership between PPG Paints and Sibi has sparked a revolution in the property management industry's paint procurement process. This collaboration has reimagined the way property managers and contractors purchase paint for their properties and projects, maximizing efficiency across the board.

By being a part of the PPG Paints program facilitated through the Sibi platform, you gain not only the unwavering support of the Sibi team but also a direct connection with Brittany Portillo, our dedicated representative from PPG Paints. Brittany, an expert with over six years of experience at PPG, specializes in residential segment partnerships. As Sibi's PPG Account Manager, she's responsible for nurturing robust relationships between property management companies and contractors.

Streamlining efficiency with Sibi

Sibi, bolstered by Brittany's support, not only holds comprehensive data for each property but uses this information to reduce the workload for property management companies and contractors significantly.

Sibi’s ability to track and remember each order brings a new level of consistency to paint procurement, unheard of in the industry. As a result, contractors experience reduced order processing times, leading to quicker turnarounds and increased productivity.

Meet Brittany

Brittany, a University of Arizona alumna, resides in Tucson with her husband and three dogs: Moo, Oliver, and Monty. When she is not traveling to visit clients, Brittany is an avid sports fan, supporting teams like the LA Dodgers and the U of A basketball team. Not only did she play softball her whole life, but she is also involved in several sports leagues, including kickball, pool, and bowling.

Beyond her industry experience and sportsmanship, Brittany holds an esteemed Architectural Coating Technologist Credential from the Master Painters Institute, coupled with NACE certification as a Level 1 Coating Inspector. Her unwavering commitment to continuous professional development ensures that property management companies and SFR companies receive unparalleled service and expertise.

Your success is our goal

Backed by Brittany's expertise, the Sibi team is devoted to your growth and success. Our paint program is in a constant state of expansion, regularly introducing new features to optimize the purchasing process for your properties. Whether it's developing captivating color schemes or refining the program's user interface, we strive to equip you with cutting-edge tools and technologies that will propel your business forward.

Sibi makes paint procurement easier. Get a demo of our platform, and take the first step towards revolutionizing paint purchasing.