October 2023 Product Updates
Laura Cooper

We've been hard at work here at Sibi to bring you some exciting new features and enhanced updates. From the ability to export your invoices to a whole new home page, get an inside scoop on some of our most recent updates to Sibi:

Global Search

Introducing Global Search! Get ready to start navigating Sibi like a pro. While on any page, click on the search bar in the header to quickly search for properties, orders, or products.

For our tech savvy folks, we’ve also included a keyboard shortcut. Press CMD + K on Mac, or CTRL + K on Windows to interact with Global Search faster than you can say “Procurement is a breeze with Sibi” 10 times fast.

New Home Page

Check out your new home page to get a quick glance into everything you need. You will find everything tailored your preferences. View your latest updates, browse your recent properties, visit the store, or easily reorder a recent order to any property. We hope you enjoy your stay at Casa Sibi!🍦

Cancelation Request

Have an order that needs cancelation? Make your way to the Orders page and click on the order you need to cancel. In the top right corner, you’ll find the Request Cancelation button. After indicating your reason for cancelation, press Confirm. You will receive an email when your order is cancelled successfully.

Note: Orders can only be cancelled before they reach the “In Transit” status.


Keep track of all your invoices in one place with our new invoice feature! We are excited to announce that you can now view, search, and export all your invoices for GE Appliances and PPG Paints orders placed on the Sibi platform. Head over to the Invoice page and search by invoice number, address, or date. Now you'll have your invoices at your fingertips!

Order Again

Have you ever had an order so good, you just wanted to order it again? Well, now you can! On the home page, scroll to the bottom to see a few recent orders. Click Order Items Again, select your desired property, and add your desired items to your truck.

New Properties Page

You might have noticed a new look and feel to our properties page 👀 we’ve added some new features! We have expanded the list of your recent properties to include more properties that you have recently interacted with. Additionally, we have included more valuable information such as owner, office, and unit ID.

You can also use our recently released global search bar to search for properties, which makes it easier to navigate anywhere on the platform.

Navigate Compliant Products

Searching for a specific product in your compliance list? We just made it easier for you! You can now use the search bar when you have the Compliant Products filter on. Search by SKU, title, color, or category to better navigate and find what you need.

Learn more about what compliance is here: https://intercom.help/sibipro/en/articles/7885367-store


Your thoughts mean the world to us! Excited or have suggestions about our new updates? Send us a message by clicking the chat in the lower right and share your thoughts to help us build a better product for you! 🎉