July 2024 Product Updates
Laura Cooper

We’re excited to share some cool new updates and features that we’ve been working on. From a revamped asset page to a fresh order detail page, we've got some new features to make your experience even better. Check out the latest below to see what’s now available on Sibi!

Property Management

Manage your property assets all in one place

Our new asset page lets you easily see and manage all the details for your assets in one place:

  • Complete asset overview: Get all the crucial info at a glance, like the age of each asset and how many months are left on its warranty.
  • Enhanced organization: Keep everything well-organized and easy to access, so you can stay on top of maintenance and replacements.
  • Asset reporting: Need a report? No problem! You can easily download all asset details for your records.

This new asset page makes managing your assets simple and efficient. Have any feedback? Let us know here.

Streamline your compliance process

Effortlessly customize your team's compliance experience! As an admin, you can now set compliance mode to always be on for your organization.

  • Ensure compliance: Make sure your users only order products that meet your specifications.
  • Reduce non-compliance: Cut down on non-compliant orders and ensure the right products are installed at your properties.

Want to activate compliance mode? Reach out to support@sibipro.com for more information.

Home Warranty

Track home warranty orders with ease

Home warranty customers can now check the status of their orders without needing help from their home warranty company or Sibi. Plus, our live chat is available on the Order Tracking Page, making it even easier to get support.

  • Reduce call center volume: Home warranty organizations can focus on their core goals by experiencing fewer support calls.
  • Increase customer satisfaction: Provide homeowners peace of mind about their orders and easy access to answers through live tracking and chat.

We’re excited to see how this feature enhances your experience and supports your customers.

Coming Soon

Get real time insights with Buscar

Get a clear view of everything from how much you’re spending to what you’re ordering most, and where you can save more money.

  • Analyze spending patterns: Dig into your spending patterns, discover your most frequently ordered products, and pinpoint where you can save money.
  • Real-time insights: Ask any question and get answers in real-time. No more waiting or sifting through CSV reports.
  • Explore deeper: When you find an interesting insight, dive deeper with clarifying questions or explore further with our quick reply feature, guiding you to related questions.

Interested in joining the beta program for Buscar? Reach out to support@sibipro.com for more information.

Optimize procurement with customizable storefronts

Optimize how your customers procure building materials with fully customizable storefronts, and generate net-new revenue.

  • Customizable procurement: Enable your customers to order materials with a best-in-class, customizable procurement experience and benefit from manufacturer direct savings.
  • Revenue generation: Generate net-new revenue by fully controlling the prices your customers pay.
  • Business insights: Gain insight into your customers’ ordering patterns to better understand your business.

Storefronts is still in the early stages, but you can be among the first to join by getting on the waitlist today: https://www.sibipro.com/storefronts.

A new order detail page

We really value your feedback here at Sibi, and we've been listening! Our team is working on a new order detail page based on your suggestions:

  • Easy navigation: The new layout is focused on what matters most—making your workflow smoother and more efficient.
  • Real-time updates: Instantly see all your orders with real-time updates, streamlined pick-up/delivery info, and multiple confirmation numbers, all in one place.
  • Quick answers: Find answers fast with our dedicated FAQ section right on the order detail page.


Thanks for staying up-to-date with us! We’re always working to make Sibi better for you, and we love hearing your thoughts. Got any feedback or ideas? Don't be shy—share them here. 🎉